Our Story

Hi guys, my name is Glen Jeanes, Founder and Owner of WigSplitter Pro LLC.  I have spent many years with the never-ending love and passion for the Automotive and Off-road industry and culture. While continually refining the art and skill of welding and fabrication as a day job, I have spent all my free time chasing the adventures that the Off-road world has to offer. From Hot Rod car shows and Drag Racing to events such as the Gambler 500 and Ultra 4 King of the Hammers. I continue the pursuit of every opportunity out there to learn and connect with the wonderful community of the motorsport's world. What I love so much is that the people that make up this community are just as enjoyable as the motorsports themselves. I thoroughly enjoy connecting and learning from everyone that shares this passion with me! It has been my dream to have a career in the Off-road industry and an even bigger dream to own a company in that industry and bring products to you, my friends, in the highest of quality and built with the utmost integrity. Owning a company in an industry that is your hobby allows for a personal connection with your community and market, this is what excites me the most! These products are created by my team and I; it is our goal to provide such a high standard of quality and integrity that allows us to continue the growth of the WigSplitter Pro LLC team and build our community on the trails.  Thank you for visiting our page and considering our company to help you with your next adventure.  Sincerely, Glen Jeanes